Welcome! We are a women’s luxury brand specializing in high heels with designs that revolutionize the footwear industry.

We use sustainable materials like cork, recycled plastics, mesh, metals and wood. We use a proprietary padding for maximum comfort and durability. This means the cushion will continually bounce back rather than collapsing after a few wears, offering continued longevity of full support and comfort for your feet. High quality, ethics and maximum comfort are our three main goals for materials.

The last and most important part of this all is YOU. YOU are the inspiration for this line. YOU are what matters most in all of this and that is why this matters so much to me. It is so important to feel good about who you are, to radiate confidence and know that who you are is amazing! Fashion is used to propel you forward into this confidence, to allow yourself to be expressed! Normandy Alberti is not just luxury footwear, but a line of expression and freedom. Each heel easily identifies your personality or emotions. Express yourself! No matter who you are, its so important to be true to you.