The Founder

Normandy Alberti graduated from Temple University. Due to her passion for learning and understanding life, she majored in pre-law philosophy and religion. This educational journey broadened her perspective of life so much that she felt it necessary to change her life path and move to Miami after college.  She developed a whole new sense of having a fun, adventurous spirit. She and her father traveled to Africa where they hiked to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africas highest peak and the worlds highest freestanding mountain. A few years later, they also travelled to Nepal where she spent 16 days hiking through the Himalayas to Mt. Everest’s base camp. Her passion for life and her work ethic has always been steadfast. She has also always had a love for fashion, specifically shoes. After moving to Miami, she felt strongly about expressing herself creatively. So she decided to create her own line.

It was in Miami that she discovered many other people uniquely expressing themselves as individuals through fashion and creative content. Her high heel line was created from a frustration with the lack of unique, expressive high heels inside of the fashion industry. While many avenues of fashion were expressive, the footwear industry fell short. She applied her philosophy background to the world of fashion and let her imagination run wild. Her high heel collection features the heel as the focal point; an artistic sun, a flame and a watermelon are the first of her styles. She is eager to release many more designs and to take the fashion industry by storm.